Potential Renters in Cleveland

All individuals planning on renting in Cleveland Town must complete the Application for Water Service form and pay the deposit paid prior to moving in. For more information contact the Town Office 653-2310.


Cleveland Town’s mission is to be a clean, friendly community that retains its safe, small-town feel and charm. The citizens of Cleveland envision a family friendly town that is unified, rich in heritage and cultural diversity, which provides economic opportunities, quality education and a health environment to all.

The current planning ordinances were adopted by Cleveland Town on July 12, 2012. These ordinances define and establish rules for the zoning districts within Cleveland Town including permitted uses within those districts. Please review the planning ordinances prior to your final approval of your building permit process to ensure that your new home or changes to an existing home are in compliance. 

The intent for these ordinances include:

o   Protecting and promoting public safety, health and general welfare by providing adequate lightings, clean air, water and sewage control, and fire protection.

o   Preserve the character and stability of neighborhoods and conserve property values by encouraging the most appropriate uses of land within zoning districts

o   Promote prosperity, peace and good order, comfort and aesthetics of the Town and its present and future inhabitants and businesses.

 A few of these ordinances are regulations for building setbacks and frontage requirements, fence height and signage allowances, livestock and animal use, and subdivision definitions.

The complete Cleveland Planning and Zoning Ordinance and all current Cleveland Town information can be found at www.clevelandtown.org.    

In addition to planning ordinances, Cleveland Town also has an animal ordinance. Dogs are required to be licensed annually and must have a current rabies tag to do so.

Monthly utility bills are sent at the 1st of the month for the prior month’s usage and are due by the 15th of the month. Secondary water billing is included in the March billing and must be paid in full by May 15th. Secondary water is turned on mid-April.

All renters are required to pay a $175.00 deposit prior to moving in to a rental unit. All landlords are required to inform potential renters of this deposit requirement.

Cleveland Town Resolution 11-08-12 sets fees for turned off water meters and also removed water meters. These fees will be assessed when an account reaches the past due status. Please contact the Town Office regarding these fees.

Planning & Zoning meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Town Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Both meetings start at 7:00 pm and if you would like to be on the agenda, please call the town office at least 24 hours in advance. Again, all information is available on the Cleveland Town website at www.clevelandtown.org .   Please feel free to contact the town office at 653-2310 if you have further questions.


We hope this information will help you with questions you may have regarding requirements and ordinances for Cleveland Town.