Information About Culinary Water and Sewer

New renters inside the Town Limits are required to complete a renters application for service and pay a rental deposit before they move in. Applications are available online and must be submitted to the Town Office, 130 W. Main. 

If you are a new homeowner moving into an existing home, you can come into the Town Office or call 435-653-2310 to change the utilities into your name. 


         For additional information regarding new utility connections, please contact the Town Office at 653-2310.
         The Town recommends confirming the availability of all needed utilities during the initial planning stages
         of your building project.


Monthly fees:

Culinary water (inside city limits) - $19.00 (overage fees apply after 15,000 gallons)
*Culinary water (outside district)- $51.75 (overage fees apply after 10,000 gallons)
Sewer - $11.50
Public Safety Building - $10.00 (per culinary connection)
Sanitation - 1st Can - $11.34 each Additional Can - $11.34

Annual Fees:

Secondary Water - 1 1/2" Connection - $65.00
        2" - $115.00

*Please call the Town Office regarding fees for outside Town limits